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Selective Antibodies Ltd is interested in partnering opportunities in the following areas:

Targets. The technology of Selective Antibodies Ltd is aimed at the provision of excellent testing systems for small molecular weight targets. The company would be interested in discussing new opportunities for any targets within this area.

Technology Transfer. Many opportunities exist for reconfiguring existing negative competitive-format point-of-need testing systems (such as lateral flow dipsticks) into the positive Selective Antibody systems. Similarly, reconfiguration of ELISA systems into positive lateral flow devices offers many potential benefits. The company would be interested in discussing specific opportunities in these areas.

Specific Needs. There is a growing number of specific needs for rapid detection of substances of small molecular weight. The company would be interested in discussing specific requirements in this area for the production of robust positive read-out systems.

Complementary Technology. The company is aware that its core technology has a wide number of uses both in its existing forms and also in combination with other technologies. It would be interested in discussing opportunities from other organisations in these areas.

Manufacturing Partners. Selective Antibodies Ltd has a rapidly growing requirement for manufacturing partners especially in the area of production of lateral flow devices.

Please initially contact Selective Antibodies Ltd at to initiate discussions with our specialists in any of these areas.

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